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Set Goals – Start Competing

What do All-Star athletes, accomplished professionals and  CEO’s, all have in common? They subscribe to the power of setting goals.  They know that it offers them the capacity to achieve great things.  It is the difference between mediocrity and brilliance. They also know the power of goal setting as they believe it give them  an edge over other colleagues and competitors .  A lot of people are not familiar with goal setting. Deciding what you want to attain and a plan to accomplish it is the definition of goal setting. By setting goals, athletes have clear direction. It leads them in attaining success in athletics as well as their lives and careers.  In order to get the most out of your speed and agility training you must set goals.   Why Set Goals? Goals are primary in the success of an athlete. They provide a course of action in helping the athlete do everything necessary to insure success. Even when an athlete feels disappointed or disenchanted, goals help the athlete to stay motivated. Goals motivate athletes to work harder to strive for advancement in their sport.   Goals offer clarity of the expectations the athlete holds, and make them more efficient in achieving the higher performance levels they are seeking.  Goals can give an athlete a psychological edge as well by improving self confidence, giving them a sense of pride and as they reach their goals for Speed and Agility Training. An athlete can get a physical edge in goal setting  by improving performance, power and speed and agility. For instance setting a goal for speed in the agility ladder and then achieving that goal. For speed and agility training, a knowledgeable coach can be a great asset. A coach is essential to helping the athlete set goals.  Good coaches can help the athlete set practice, performance and game goals. These goals will position the athlete to have an edge over the competition.  Practice goals are designed to prepare an athlete for a specific event. Approach and execution are the focus of these goals. Goals that are possible to attain but not too easy is the job of the coach.. Whether people are elite athletes or Fortune 500 CEO’s, the ability to set and master the skills of goal setting contributed greatly to their achievements and it will to yours as well. Go to this website on speed and agility training to get more information Speed and Agility Training

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