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If you are looking for alternative sources for energy that are green, cheap, and very efficient, then Power4Home promises to help you out. The program is designed to teach you how to build your own alternative sources of energy, all for under 200 bucks in materials. John Russel, the product designer, is an electrician that has been working on alternative energy solutions for over 10 years. Included you'll find video lessons, e-books, and diagrams to help you along the way. Comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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Power4Home by John Russel
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Power4Home by John Russel
2011-03-18 13:54:18 Product Reviewer
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Power4Home By John Russell Review

With the rising cost of energy, global warming, and this country’s dependency on foreign oil, more and more people are looking to alternative energy sources such as sun and wind. The catch is, that while these systems do save you money in the long term, they do end up costing a bundle for you to initially set up. Former electrician, John Russell, claims he has the answer to that dilemma with his Power4home pro system.

John Russell claims that you can cheaply generate power and reduce energy bills with his system. He claims that his book and video series will not only help you slash your energy bills, but give you a surplus of energy that you can sell back to the power company. His system includes illustrated eBooks that show you how to build both a solar panel and wind generator for under $200. You will also get a DVD with step by step instructions that even the most technically inept among us can follow.

-How to build your own solar panels guide
-Power4home wind generator guide
-How to install power4home guide
-Free support and updates

6 free bonuses
-Exclusive parts list
-83 ways to reduce your home energy needs
-Advanced power saving technology
-Government Tax Rebate Forms
-Premium support membership
-Expedited shipping

The price is 49.97 plus 7.99 S&H which is pretty average for a product like this. The only thing that makes me skeptical is the shipping . Most products similar to this are now available for instant download, eliminating the need for shipping and handling. The requirement that you send back the DVDs before you get your refund back also seems a bit sketchy.

Looking at what the DIYers on the internet have to say about power4home, I have come to the conclusion that it is best to approach this product with extreme caution. While it appears that the information that you do receive will enable you to build a solar panel and a wind generator for under $200, it appears that doing so is not going to be very easy. Setting up a alternative energy system takes a lot of materials, labor and know how which is why most people hire professional contractors. Even, if you are handy, finding the materials also takes a lot of work. Even if you do manage to get you solar panel built for the low cost that John is claiming, what he does not tell you is that in order to "get off of grid" you are going to need a lot more than just one. Also, it seems like the energy output from a wind turbine in a regular residential area hardly seems worth the effort.

Most DIY forums also point out that most of the information that Power4home provides can be found for free with a simple google search. Also, another would be customer of the system has found out that this system has many similarities to another DIY system , which has a long storied history of being a ripoff. The most damning evidence against Power4Home comes from a customer who claimed that most of the bonuses appeared to be “out of date” or “unavailable”. While I cannot recommend this product, I will say that the information that John Russel promises to provide does seem intriguing. If you do happen to buy it, just be sure to contact Clickbank and not the site if you decide you want a refund.

Detailed Ratings

-Potentially save a lot of money on electricity
-Build solar panels for the fraction of the cost
-Clickbank money back guarantee
-You will need sufficient wind and or sun in your area
-Like all DIY projects, this project will take some time, energy, and technical know how on your part
-It will cost a lot more than $200 to build a full system
-No instant download
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Disclosure: If you proceed to the Product Website and purchase this product from the manufacturer, they will pay us a fee. The opinions offered here are our own and all information is verified as accurate at the time of review.

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