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RegCure by ParetoLogic is a program designed to completely clean your PC’s registry with a few clicks of the mouse. It is the internet’s top Registry Cleaner serving over 60 million clients. RegCure Pro claims to clean away Windows registry errors; Ejects active viruses, spyware and other malware;Stops unneeded processes and startup items;Deletes privacy files that could contain confidential info, and;Find software to open files. If you are having problems with your PC running slowly, RegCure promises to help you “fall in love with your PC again” by detecting missing, obsolete, and corrupt entries that need to be repaired or removed from your registry. Fixes PC Problems of all sorts. Fixes crashing computers. Fixes slow computers. Fixes the dreaded "blue screen of death". Fixes slow programs. RegCure by ParetoLogic claims to speed up computer performance. Speeds up computer booting. ParetoLogic has a number of other high quality programs such as DriverCure and XoftSpySE Anti-Spyware. Includes a 60 day no-hassle return warranty through Clickbank.


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2008-08-28 12:49:26 ReviewMOZ Editor
Reviewed by ReviewMOZ Editor


Developed to ease your mind regarding that sluggish computer you’ve been having problems with, RegCure is one of the best available programs for cleaning up your PC’s registry. RegCure checks for a variety of issues (like invalid: Class Keys, Help Files, Paths, Fonts, & File Types) and includes in the option for manual or automatic repair.

RegCure can be used with any Microsoft products as well as third party applicants, and judging from a number of online reviews, RegCure is extremely easy to use and effective at its purpose. Our only complaint is that we had to research quite a bit to find out how much RegCure costs. For such a superior product, why not just advertise a price on the RegCure website? Most PC users would gladly pay $20 to ensure that their computer continues to work properly.

At just $19.95 (with a free scan available via their website) RegCure is one of the least expensive products out there (short of completely free) and provides you with a great deal of peace of mind regarding your computer’s ability to function. If you’re not sure if your computer has registry issues, download RegCure’s free scanner or check out the list of symptoms on the RegCure website. Find out if RegCure is what you need for your computer to perform the way it used to.

[Editor Note: McAfee SiteAdvisor tested the manufacturer’s website on 05/03/12 and didn't find any significant problems. In their tests, they found downloads on this site were free of adware, spyware, and other potentially unwanted programs.]

Detailed Ratings

• RegCure has a long list of features, including automatic or manual removal, back-up registry, built-in scheduler, invalid program shortcut scans, and duplicate file removal.
• RegCure also checks for a number of issues, including invalid Class Keys, Help Files, CLSID Entries, Paths, Fonts, and File Types, as well as Application Patch Keys/Orphan References and Shell Extension.
• RegCure offers a free scan of your computer (although purchase is required to repair any issues) to determine if your computer is currently at risk.
• RegCure is compatible with all Microsoft products as well as third party applicants.
• Testimonials available via RegCure’s website suggest that this product is superior at enhancing your PC’s ability to function efficiently.
• A list of “symptoms of an injured registry” on RegCure’s website – like windows errors, computer freezing, and system crashes – provide you with some indication of whether your computer might already have registry issues.
• They provide a detailed comparison chart of leading products on their website.
• From what we can tell, RegCure is quite inexpensive at just $19.95.
• While it’s easy to find out what RegCure does, it’s a bit more difficult to determine how much RegCure costs, since downloading the program for a free scan is necessary in order to view the price from their website.
• Some reviewers have noted delays in acquiring the access code once the full product was paid for.
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Disclosure: If you proceed to the Product Website and purchase this product from the manufacturer, they will pay us a fee. The opinions offered here are our own and all information is verified as accurate at the time of review.

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